Assignment #4~Spirit wear

For years the debate on whether school uniforms should be given out in public schools or not, while the idea may have seemed good at the time there are many cons to be considered.

Some pros to wearing uniforms are or maybe that the dress code will never be violated as long as students wear the uniform and don’t alter it in any way. When on school trips students can be easily identified apart from kids visiting with family. The influence cause by gangs would be less because students have set attire. Students will be less likely to get distracted in class due to clothing items or accessories. School uniforms are less expensive than a single pair of jeans meaning it saves parents both time and money.

Some Cons to wearing uniforms are that kids do not have the right to outwardly express themselves through their clothing. Uniforms could lead to economical problems. School uniforms can be unflattering and ruins kids self image making them feel insecure about their looks. Wearing uniforms can result in students being delayed in learning to live along side people with different personal tastes from their own. Wearing school uniforms does not allow students to find their own personal identity. wearing school uniforms makes it hard to tell the difference and identify students fro one another which may cause problems if someone is picked on but didn’t get a good look at the one who attacked them. A lot of schools with school uniforms gives specific uniforms based on biological gender which may make students feel uncomfortable as they do not identify as that gender.

In my opinion school uniforms should not be allowed because it restricts the freedom for a child and if they become permanent things it could teach future generation that being the same as everyone else is the right was of living when everyone should be unique and identify differently.


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  1. I do agree with your cons of how students will not be able to express them selves with their own clothing. Although on the other hand it shows that kids are going to have to actually talk to people and learn more about, rather than just judging people. But, uniforms cost a lot of money and kids would feel insecure. So I agree with you that uniforms are bad, even though there are some good pros.

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